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The one downside to the traditional photo booth is that it's stationary. But what if the experience could be taken to the guest, instead of waiting for the guest? 

With roaming photography, one of our team members will actively engage your guests and take their photos, and the guests can instantly share right from the tablet to their phones via text and email. Needing a customized or branded photo overlay and email? That’s included in your rental.

What's the difference between this service and a professional event photographer, you ask?

We're laser focused on guest interaction and making sure they have great content to post on social media. Unlike with other event photographers, our photos are instantly sharable via text and email, and customized with a photo overlay created just for your event (hello, extra branding!). Not only can our photographers take amazing photos, the added element of instant sharing will increase your brand’s online presence live during your event! With traditional event photography, you have to wait a couple days to get photos back from your event photographer, and fewer people will share images after the event. Not with us! Your guests want instant gratification, and we can give it to them! In conjunction with instant sharing, we can capture emails for you to bulk up your mailing list, or to send out a friendly post-event email blast with a specific call to action.

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